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Sacro Speco Magazine and Annual Report


What has your Benedictine community of Sisters, Oblates, Alumnae, and Friends been up to? Take a look in a recent Sacro Speco magazine!​

Sacro Speco Magazine-2022Summer-Final for web_Page_01.jpg

Summer Fall 2022

2022Sacro Speco Winter-Final for website_Page_01.jpg

Winter/Spring 2022 and Annual Report

Sacro Speco Magazine-2021Summer-FINAL for print and web.jpg

Summer/Fall 2021

2021Sacro Speco Winter-FINAL2.jpg

Winter/Spring 2021 and Annual Report

Sacro Speco Magazine-2020Summer-FINALv2

Summer/Fall 2020

2020Sacro Speco Winter-FINAL.jpg

Winter/Spring 2020 and Annual Report

Sacro Speco Magazine-2019Summer-Final fo

Summer/Fall 2019


Winter/Spring 2019 and Annual Report

SacroSpecoMagazine-2018SummerFall-for we

Summer/Fall 2018

2018Sacro Speco-Winter-Final for printer

Winter/Spring 2018 and Annual Report


Summer/Fall 2017

Winter/Spring 2017 and Annual Report


Summer/Fall 2016


Winter/Spring 2016 and Annual Report


Summer/Fall 2015

Magazine Winter Spring 2015-FinalImage.J

Winter/Spring 2015 and Annual Report

Magazine-2014Summer Fall 2014-Final.jpg

Summer/Fall 2014

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