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Certified Nursing Assistant 

Title: Trained direct Staff/CNA/Caregiver


**Provide a variety of non-medical services that will allow the Benedictine Sisters who are living in St. Joseph Court to be able to live their lives in a positive, healthy, and dignified way.



Reports to: Infirmary Administrator/ Elizabeth Peters


Duties, Responsibilities and Functions

Including but not limited to the following:


  • Work with daily plan of care as well ADL’s

  • Toileting and/or cleaning incontinence issues

  • Answer call lights

  • Bathing, Dressing, and undressing

  • Assisting with daily hygiene

  • Preparing and Serving meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, as well as water and snacks)

  • Cleaning kitchen after all meals are serviced

  • Helping all of the Sisters in St. Joseph’s Court with walking w/walkers and/or canes, using their wheelchairs in and outside the Infirmary

  • Observing and reporting daily conditions of Sisters in St. Joseph’s court/ normal as well as abnormal

  • Helping with activities, art & crafts, chair Yoga, and attending to get to daily prayers/mass

  • Light housekeeping/ cleaning up after meals/ making beds/ changing linens/washing/drying/ and putting away clean laundry 

  • Providing medication reminder as needed

  • Assisting Sisters in St. Joseph’s Court with daily exercises/ daily walks outside (weather permitting) as recommended by their health care providers

  • Providing companionship and conversation

  • Transferring and range of motion

  • Performing other reasonable/duties as assigned and/or per request

  • Working side by side with the RN & LPN for daily care plan

  • Pleasant and courteous interactions with all Sisters and personnel


Other Requirements:


  • Must be able to lift, move and assist in moving Sisters from beds to chairs, etc.

with NO restrictions

  • Must have experience of at least 2-3 years

  • CPR training is a plus


Please email your resume to

Part-Time Maintenance Supervisor

20 hours per week with benefits

Title: Maintenance Supervisor

Reports to: Sub-prioress

Department: Buildings and Grounds

Supervises:  One maintenance person

General Job Description: Coordination of the maintenance and development of the Monastery buildings and grounds working closely with the Sub-prioress for day to day management of monastery buildings and with the Treasurer who acts as liaison with Acero Charter Schools, Inc. (lessee), and with Grounds Coordinator

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Oversee the repair/improvement, maintenance, of buildings and some aspects of the grounds at the 7430-60 N. Ridge monastery site including procurement of necessary replacement parts and maintenance of good inventory levels.

  2. Monitor the budget for the buildings through monitoring of all expenses, work with the Community Treasurer when contracts need to be executed/signed.

  3. Negotiate, monitor, and evaluate contracts for needed repairs/improvements and maintenance, including snow removal, repair of fences, gravel and paved roads, irrigation system, lighting, sewage systems, and storm/sanitary sewers.

  4. Monitor and make suggestions for major repairs and improvements, including preventive maintenance for safety and aesthetically pleasing space for all monastery buildings.

  5. Handle service requests from the residents and employees.

  6. Recommend staff for hiring, supervise, evaluate, and terminate staff as is deemed necessary.

  7. Organize and maintain all building-related blueprints and files and assure that buildings are in compliance with all legal and licensing requirements as well as with the lease stipulations.

  8. Keep required job skills and core professional competencies.  Attend and participate in required educational programs and staff meetings.

  9. Perform other duties as assigned.

Performance Measures

  • Uninterrupted HVAC, plumbing and electrical internal service

  • Maintenance requests and projects dealt with in a timely manner

  • Purchases and projects within budgeted amounts

  • Cooperative and positive relationship with administration, residents, and employees


Please email your resume and cover letter to Sister Mary Melady, OSB

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