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Planned Giving, Legacy Gifts

Make a Legacy Gift


More than just a legal document, your will is a testament to your life's work, your values, and your beliefs. The Benedictine Sisters of Chicago would be honored to be remembered as part of your legacy of generosity.


A legacy gift, or bequest, is a gift that helps the Benedictine community you care about without costing you anything today. It is free of federal tax. It can be changed down the road. You can still benefit your heirs with specific gifts and it may produce estate tax savings. Would you like to learn more?


Contact Joanne Spata, Director of Development, at 773.764.2413 x233 for more information.

*If you are currently creating your will and need language to include the Benedictine Sisters, our legal name and location is "Benedictine Sisters of Chicago, Chicago, IL."


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