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Postulancy Stage


As a Postulant, you will live with our community while you further discern your call to life as a Benedictine Sister of Chicago. Postulancy begins with the Rite of Reception, held at the door to the monastery. You will be given an Office Book that we use for prayer and be invited to celebrate Evening Prayer with the community as an expression of the community's shared life of prayer and service.


As a Postulant, you will keep your job and retain your possessions and your own money, but you will take part in the regular community activities, including Liturgy of the Hours, community meetings, and social events, as well as work in the monastery. You will also have regular meetings with the Formation Director, who will accompany you as you become part of the community. She will answer questions and provide practical orientation, as well as spiritual and emotional guidance as you move through this stage.


>> Novitiate


Benedictine vocations


Every time you begin a good work, you must pray to God most earnestly to bring it to perfection.

-Rule of Benedict Prologue

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