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Novitiate Stage


The novitiatee year is a time of reflection and discernment in which you study theology and monastic traditions in order to discern whether you are truly being called to this way of life in this community.


As a novice, you will spend more time with the community. Although you will volunteer outside of the community, you will give up your job. You may be asked to do new things as you become more deeply part of the community and are asked to take on more community responsibilities. Your study of theology and monasticism will take place in classes with the sisters in the community, as well as at universities locally or online.


The primary responsibility during the novitiate year, however, is to prayerful attention to God's will in your life. You will listen for God's voice in prayer, reflection, and in the voices of your sisters as you discern whether you are called to vowed life in this community.


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Listen carefully, my child, to the master's instructions, and attend to them with the ear of your heart.

-Rule of Benedict Prologue

Benedictine vocations
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