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Oblates in Colorado Decorate Headstones for Christmas

The Benedictine Oblates of St. Scholastica Monastery meet in Chicago and in Pueblo, Colorado. Oblates join with the Benedictine Sisters to share in the apostolic work and prayer of the community in order to live and share the spirit of St. Benedict.

In December, the Benedictine Oblates in Pueblo visited Lakeside Cemetery where our Sisters are buried in Cañon City. The Oblates cleared the headstones of any weeds or debris and then decorated them by draping garland with red bows for the Christmas season.

Sister Joan Hentges, OSB was the Associate Director of Oblates and initiated the first Colorado Oblate group. It was Sister Joan's great joy to share Benedictine values with others.

We are grateful to the Oblates for decorating so nicely! To learn the latest about our Oblate community, read the Winter/Spring 2019 Sacro Speco magazine and visit the Oblate section of our website.

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