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Welcoming New Oblates

On Sunday, November 11th at the St. Scholastica Chapel, Chicago, we celebrated the Oblation of five candidates: James Holzhauer-Chukas, Rosanne Swanson, Mary Ellen Healey, Sister Benita Coffey, OSB, Sister Judith Murphy, OSB, Mickey Smith, and Patty Rudolph.

Upon making his Oblation James Holzhauer-Chukas shared the following: "The typical orientation year took a lot longer for me than most of my fellow Oblates. I came to the monastery almost three years ago because, after discernment, I wanted to become an Oblate, but kept having to pause because of work and classes. This wasn't my first time coming to the monastery, however, because I grew up running around the monastery and am the Godson of Sister Judith Zonsius, OSB, and Sister Susan Quaintance, OSB. As I got older, I began to realize how The Rule of St. Benedict was able to guide my life. Seeing how involved the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago were in peace and justice issues affirmed me wanting to, officially, become a member of the community. Becoming an Oblate has meant so much to me. When I was confirmed, my Godmothers gave me the Benedictine medal and I wore it every day for the past 10 years. It was my Benedictine spirituality and the monastery's presence in my life that affirmed my commitment to the faith."

To learn more about becoming a Benedictine Oblate please visit our website and explore your call.

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