New Oblates and Lenten Day of Reflection

Caption: From left to right, Sister Benita Coffey, OSB, (Director of Oblates) Benedict and Rachel Hane, and Prioress Sister Judith Murphy, OSB following the Oblation ceremony held Sunday, March 25, 2018.

Following the Sunday evening sung Lenten Vespers, Prioress Sister Judith Murphy, OSB, read the rite of Oblation for Rachel and Benedict Hane for which they agreed and signed before their family, friends, Oblates and Benedictine Sisters of Chicago.

Rachel Hane shared on becoming an Oblate: "I want to become an Oblate in order to continue to learn with the community. To be able to continue to grow in my understanding and expand my worldview. To be able to better participate in the world, my work, and my home with the foundation that the Rule, the Sisters, and my fellow Oblates give me."

Benedict Hane on his formation to become an Oblate: "What draws me specifically to the Benedictine tradition is its focus on the "how" in "how to live according to the Gospel." It is "hand to work, heart to God" in its original form, which is both stable enough to be reliable, but dynamic enough to fit into different seasons of my life. The Rule of Benedict allos us to provide for the spiritual needs of ourselves and others while also challenging me to "conversion of heart."

Oblates of St. Benedict are women or men, single or married, who seek a deeper relationship with God through association with a Benedictine community. If you are interested in learning more, contact Sister Benita Coffey, Director of Oblates, at or 773.764.2413 x327.

During each season of Advent and Lent their is a special day of reflection for the Oblates. This year the Oblates gathered together this past Sunday, Palm Sunday, for an afternoon of prayer and reflection presented by Oblate Kevin Chears. The importance of opening eyes as well as hearts to take in beauty that speaks to us of how our Lord and Savior dwells within us and calls us to unite ourselves with Him particularly in these days of Holy Week guided the day. The Oblates reflected on pieces of art including original works by Oblate Matt Ambre. Here are a few photos from the day including the original pieces of art.

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