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Temporary Profession


The period of Temporary Profession is a time to enter more deeply into the experience of monastic vowed commitment and to develop a rhythm of prayer, community, and ministry. This time allows you to further discern whether you are being called to a permanent commitment to this community. Temporary profession lasts for a minimum of three years, but may be extended for longer.


While in Temporary Profession, you will resume employment outside of the community, either in a new ministry or in one you previously pursued. You will continue to meet with a member of the formation team or another sister who will continue to guide your initial formation as a Benedictine Sister of Chicago. Your relationships within the community will deepen as you become ever more part of the daily life of the community. You will continue to listen for the voice of God in your life as you discern whether to profess perpetual profession and commit your life to God in this community.


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The concern should be  whether the novice truly seeks God, and whether she shows eagerness for the Work of God, for obedience and for trails.

-Rule of Benedict, Chapter 58

Benedictine vocations
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