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St. Hildegard: Friendship with God, a presentation with author Susan Garthwaite

Updated: Feb 23

By Susan Clark

Saint Hildegard says, “Be a faithful friend to your soul and be the special friend of God.” Her own friendship with God manifested in her faithfulness to her Benedictine life of prayer and work. Hildegard was a 12th century writer, composer, teacher, leader, seeker of justice, herald of holism, preacher, eco-spirituality expert, and spiritual guide. She was the fourth woman to be named a Doctor of the Catholic Church.

A woman with a yellow and gold halo glowing behind her head is dressed in a green cloak and habit holding a staff in her left hand and raising her right hand in blessing. The words read Sanct Hildegardis
Mural of St. Hildegard in the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago chapel

Susan Garthwaite is author of the award-winning Saint Hildegard: Ancient Insights for Modern Seekers (She Writes Press, 2021). In her presentation “Saint Hildegard: Friendship With God”, Sue shared Hildegard's spiritual teachings and their relevance to 21st century seekers of friendship with God. In addition to writing and presenting about Hildegard and other women mystics, Sue is a spiritual director and retreat leader.

A woman with short grey hair, glasses, and a bright pink shirt stands at a wooden podium. She is speaking and her hands are slightly raised. There are brightly painted murals behind her.
Sue Garthwaite presents "Hildegard: Friendship with God"

Sue's presentation included a robust history of Hildegard's life and teachings, as well as a number of excerpts from 12th century manuscripts. A handful of these are below, and you can view the full presentation on our YouTube channel, linked below.

Hildegard on aging:

“A good end is much more useful than a good beginning.”

On friendship with God:

“Put your hope in inward things; attain love of God and neighbor.”

Why pray?

“People may have quiet amidst the turbulent adversities.”

Seeking balance:

"When we get caught up in our weariness, we look for another way. We respond merely out of our weariness.” 


“It would be of no use to the world’s capacity if it were emptied of the diversity of creation.”


“We hinder the progress of others when we neither seek out nor examine justice.”

Visit Sue's website for more information and to purchase Saint Hildegard: Ancient Insights for Modern Seekers.

Watch the full presentation on our YouTube channel:

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