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Social Justice Advocacy in the age of COVID-19

Social distancing, masks, and even virtual prayer services promoting social justice issues continue to be at the forefront for the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago during the pandemic.

As a community, "It is our responsibility to take a corporate stance on important issues because of the power we have as a community." ~ From the Constitution of the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago (“Call to Life”, Appendix C – 5).

Against Exorbitant Military Spending

The Benedictine Sisters of Chicago, as a community, endorse The Time Has Come to Drop Our Stones, a statement from the Leaders of Catholic Religious Communities, about a campaign to "end exorbitant military spending in order to provide for the unmet needs of our nation's people". (March 18, 2001)

Because of this Corporate Stance, Sister Benita Coffey, OSB, our Social Justice Promoter held a Virtual Silent Peace Walk on Friday Jan. 22 in honor of the signing of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons into International Law. Unfortunately, the ban on nuclear weapons is merely symbolic because the U.S. and the other world's nuclear powers have not signed the treaty.

Together those gathered via Zoom prayed for peace and for a ban of nuclear weapons from all nations. You may Join us in solidarity in a virtual peace walk for the world's nuclear powers to sign this treaty and delegitimize nuclear weapons and reinforce global norms against its use. View the Virtual Peace Walk Video below.

Earlier in the week, on the snowy evening of Jan. 19, the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago joined together in prayer for all those who have died from COVID-19. The Sisters joined in solidarity with the City of Chicago and the entire nation for the Brighter Together National COVID-19 Memorial Service turning off our lights, holding candles, and tolling our chapel bells. When we turned our lights back, this symbolized moving from darkness to light. Amen. View some of the photos of the #brigthertogether memorial below.

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