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Refuse to Use during Catholic Sisters Week

The Benedictine Sisters of Chicago along with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious have a focus on the intersection of racism, migration, and climate change. During Catholic Sisters Week, March 8-14, 2023, we invite – challenge – our Sisters, Oblates, Alumnae, and Friends to refuse to use any single-use plastic beverage bottles (water, soda, juice, tea, alcoholic beverages, etc.).

Join us by typing your name and email address in the form (linked below), as we commit during Catholic Sisters Week to REFUSE TO USE! (

Thank you!

You will be emailed a commitment certificate to post on your personal social media accounts. Please tag the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago and use the hashtags: #refusetouse #catholicsistersweek2023

Any questions or concerns, please email Communications Coordinator, Siobhan O'Neill Meluso at

We thank the congregations of LCWR Region 8 who proposed this challenge.


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