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Oblates and Sisters Celebrate Fr. Mike's Retirement!

The Oblates continue to meet monthly by Zoom for their regularly scheduled Lectio Divina and spiritual book discussion. However, on Saturday June 20th, the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago, on behalf of the Oblates, shared many well wishes and celebratory messages in honor of Fr. Michael Solazzo's retirement by driving in the "car parade" set up by his parish. Fr. Mike also a Benedictine Oblate, happily greeted the car parade at Divine Mercy Parish in Northfield, IL, and blessed each participant as they drove by to say "hello" and a hearty "Congratulations!" Some participants, including a family on their bicycles, were extra "blessed" by the downpour of rain! The rain didn't stop them nor many others from wishing Fr. Mike well on his much deserved retirement.

Here are a few more photos from the car parade honoring Benedictine Oblate, Fr. Mike Solazzo:

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