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Giving Tuesday 2022!

Donate this #GivingTuesday-

A Global Movement of Generosity

Share in Their Care, this #GivingTuesday! On Giving Tuesday honor our Sisters, who reside in the infirmary. Through your support, you will be bestowing your personal “thank you” upon the Sisters for their years of dedication and commitment. Through your gift, you will be supporting our elders in community, in a manner fitting to the lives of prayer and service they have given over the years, to so many. Your support will also assist with the ongoing ministries of the Benedictine Sisters and for continuing education opportunities. Share and Care this #GivingTuesday November 29, 2022.

Benedictine Sisters of Chicago this November 29, 2022: Giving Tuesday. Join the movement!

Your donation helps to support our sisters and their ministries. Thank you for your gift. We remember all our supporters in our daily prayers.

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