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2021 Creative Renewal of Oblation

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions still in place at the St. Scholastica Monastery, Chicago, the Oblates of the community were charged with renewing their oblation on their own. Three Oblates decided to make a lovely evening of it by having a simple liturgy with a candle and then, over dinner, discussed how they individually live the responsibilities of Oblates of St. Benedict. Oblates Rosalie Riegle, Barbara Boland, and Kate Zilla shared with the Director of Oblates, Sister Benita Coffey, OSB, that they gathered on June 5th to renew their Oblation together.

Sister Benita had asked the Oblates to simply take the time to renew in whatever way they see fit and report back to her when they had completed the annual renewal. Sister Benita was moved by the trio's extra effort to rely on each other as community to perform this ritual.

To learn more about becoming an Oblate, please visit our website or contact the Director of Oblates, Sister Benita Coffey, OSB by phone 773-764-2413 ext. 327 or by email


In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

I renew my oblation and offer myself to Almighty God through the Blessed Virgin Mary and our Holy Father Benedict, as an Oblate of St. Scholastica Monastery, Chicago, Illinois.

I promise again to dedicate myself to the service of God and God’s people according to the Rule of St. Benedict insofar as my state of life permits.
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