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2020 Pre-Election Statement

We Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery in Chicago take this statement seriously:

The mission of the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago is reverence. Through common prayer, stewardship, hospitality, and mutual respect, we seek to find and honor God present in each person and in all created things.

We will strive in our daily common prayer to ask that the wisdom of God to be present in all who are voting and in all who will be elected.

We will strive to practice stewardship by making careful use of our electronic devices so as to be aware of the best information we can find available.

We will strive to offer hospitality by giving time to those who might be seeking help to get ballots delivered or to just talk about their fears and concerns.

We will strive to practice mutual respect for the conscience of every voter by refraining from disturbing and negative conversations about any candidate.

We will strive to honor God in each person, knowing that every individual has the right and responsibility to be heard.

With this focus on and practice of reverence, may we be prepared to accept the results of the election and any necessary waiting for its final conclusion. Every individual’s vote must be counted and each citizen’s voice be heard as we all ---together---determine the future of our nation.

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I find this statement to be both beautiful and wise. It reminds us of what's essential now. Thanks - much needed. Kate Z.


Very good statement. Calm, reflective, and urging us to be the best people we can. Melinda Power

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