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2019 Jubilarian Feast Day Celebration

2019 Benedictine Sisters of Chicago Jubilarians

On the Feast of Our Holy Father, St. Benedict, Patriarch of Western Monasticism, the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago also celebrated the Jubilee, or anniversary, of five Benedictine Sisters. A Jubilee is a special time to rejoice as a community the many years these Sisters have dedicated in service to God through their vowed commitment. Together, all the sisters celebrating their Jubilees this year represent 360 years of service to the church.

Sister Vivian Ivantic, OSB (front row , right) celebrates her 85th Jubilee of Profession, Sister Ann Sharp, OSB (front row, center) celebrates her 80th Jubilee of Profession, Sister Eleanore Hillenbrand, OSB (front row, left) celebrates her 75th Jubilee of Profession, Sister Mariella Hathorn, OSB (top row, left) with Sister Patricia Coughlin, OSB (top row, right) both celebrate their 60th Jubilee of Profession.

"Today is truly a day to celebrate: St. Benedict and Scholastica, his sister; monasticism and our monastic life; and our Jubilarians, and their lives lived in this community," shared Prioress Sister Judith Murphy, OSB during her Feast Day Reflection found here.

To see photos from this feast day celebration or post a note of congratulations, click here.

To see a video celebrating all the sisters celebrating their jubilees this year, click here.

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