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25th Annual Testimonial Dinner

We are grateful to everyone who participated in the 25th Annual Testimonial Dinner and Awards on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at the Park Ridge Country Club. It was a great success, thanks to everyone who prayed, donated, or attended. Next year's dinner will be on Wednesday, June 10, 2020. Enjoy photos from the 2019 evening in the slideshow above.

We are grateful for our 2019 sponsors!


C & C Power, Inc.


Jenny and Nick Semaca


Clerics of St. Viator Patricia and Brian Abrams Nancy P. Bryers and Jean Slifer Rev. Daniel P. Coughlin Carol and Jerome Crowley, Jr. Joseph B. Green Mary Ann Harrington Sylvia Hourihane Gary and Mary Ann Kono Stephen and Margaret Lombardo Judith Matz Patricia and Michael Musto Joanne and Patrick Rooney Margaret A. Schermerhorn


Alfred and Amy Avakian Debra Bunnell Carole and Don Kash Judith Knorst, Ph.D. Ruth G. Lochner Mary and John Madden Joan and Leo Marubio Paul G. Matz Shirley Rocco Elizabeth A. Rochford Eileen and Alan Samuelson Anita Thies


Matthew and Maria Ambre

Dorothy Andries

Margaret Barron

Paul and Suzanne Betts

William and Cheryl Blum

Mary Beth and Michael Boland

Joanne Bookstein

Judith Borchers

Lynn Brand

Mary Jo and Bill Brewer

Paul and Carol Brimstin

Judith Berger Byers

Brian Clarke and Margaret Feit Clarke

Peter J. Coffey and Molly Cavanaugh

Thomas and Sharon Coffey

Denise Coughlin and Ralph Levy

Patricia Cowhey and George Courtney

Christopher Deger

Leslie and D. E. Dickerson

Erin and Matthew Doubleday

Martha and Bob Drake

Betty Rose Fatur

Richard Fields

Chris Fox and Irene O'Ryan-Fox

Joan Frazier

Monique Paul Garrity

Katherine Gehrke

Most Rev. Raymond E. Goedert

Alan Hauser

Richard and Ann Heidkamp

Margaret and Daniel Henrick

Chris and Susan Hofstad

Michael J. Hogan

Loretto and Charles James

Judith Janowiak

Mary Ann Jewell

Marguerite Jung

Joseph and Mary Ellen Kadleck

Maureen Kaucher

Mary Ellen Keenan

Nancy E. and Paul W. Kelly

Philip and Gaye Kenny

Kay and John Kyle

Rev. Karl Langsdorf

Jeffrey and Mary Ann Liautaud

Marianne Littau and Jean O'Keefe

Ruth G. Lochner

Daniel Maloney and Barbara Soricelli

David and Mary Malter

Judith Matz

Maureen McNamara

Katherine McSpadden

Colleen Medeiros

Pilar Meyers

Kathleen and Bob Murray

Mary Nahser

Rita and Ronald Nemchausky

John and Angela Oldershaw

Siobhan O'Neill Meluso and Edgar Andres Meluso Duarte

Judith A. Ordonez

Rosemary Palicki

Michael and Mary Penich

Lirio and Celynia Polintan

Brigid Pope

Arlene and Richard Porter

Jeff and SusanReuscher

Michael and Therese Reynolds

Kathleen and William Riordan

Shirley S. Rocco

Madonna Rodgers McCutcheon

Beverly and Robert Rowden

Mary Ryder-Marsden

Julie and Robert Sawyer

Mary Beth Schulien

Jeanne and John Schutz

Elizabeth Servatius

Leo and Olive Sheridan

Jeanine M. and Dean N. Silas

Mickey Smith

Anne Sobba-Brohan

Rev. Michael Solazzo

Jill Sorensen

Joanne Spata

Marietta Nolan Stevens

Terry Trapp

Teresita Maso Zdunek

Marianne Zelewsky

Agnes Zielinski and Mary Richardson

Joel and Linda Zienty

Benjamin and Priscilla Zintak


Pamela J. Babler

Marilyn Izzo Ballard

Wilma and Claude Brown

Patricia Campion

Rev. Roger J. Caplis

Robert and Elizabeth Cornella

Chris Fox and Irene O'Ryan-Fox

Doris Haas

Anita Holmes

Rosanne Hugunin

Most Reverend Francis Kane

Maureen Kaucher

Eileen and Edward Kennedy

Robin M. Keyes

Bryan and Karen LeBlanc

Mary E. MacDonald

Evelyn Miks

Joanne Moore

Marie D. Mutz

Mary Nowesnick

Elizabeth and John Pinter

Gayle K. Porter

Mary Anne Quinn

Mary Ann Rushing

Robert J. Schwendau

Noranne and George Siemers

Patricia Glunz Spencer

Lourdes and Romeo Taan

We are grateful for our 2019 auction donors!

Barbara Boland

Kathy Brady

Nancy Bryers

Helen Cameron

Chicago Bears

Chicago Cubs

Chicago White-Sox

Brian Clarke and Margaret Feit Clarke

Bill Conroy

Court Theatre

Carol and Jerome Crowley, Jr.

Mary Cunningham

Donna Dehnert

Peter Feit

Gibson's Restaurant Group

Mary Ellen and John Healey

Maureen Healy

Carole and Don Kash

Maureen Kaucher

Paula Kowalkowski

Lifeline Theatre

Catherine and James Liggett

Stephen and Margaret Lombardo

Lynfred Winery

Maureen Martin

Joan and Leo Marubio

Roberta Michaletz

Caroline Dehnert Moyer

Kathlyn Myers

Daniel J. Raven and Wencke Braathen

Renate Reichs

Rosalie Riegle

Kathleen and William Riordan

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Scandia Catering

John J. Shedd Aquarium

Joanne Spata

Elvira Steele

Union League Club of Chicago

Eugene and Katharin Vix

We are grateful for our 2019 ad book supporters!

Benedictine Oblates of St. Scholastica Monastery

Craig Bieganowski-Roberts Plumbing, Inc.

Bredemann Toyota in Park Ridge

C & C Power

Catholic Theological Union

Clerics of St. Viator

Fabry, Inc


Jan Kupiec, Broker Associate - SSA '74

National Decorating Service, Inc.

Daniel J. Raven and Wencke Braathon

Scheller Law LLC - Helen Scheller SSA '76

Smith-Corcoran Funeral Home


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