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Stamp Collecting Ministry Ends

Sister Sue Kilduski, OSB has completed her ministry as stamp collector for the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago. You may recall, stamp collecting has been an effort of St. Scholastica Monastery for nearly a century. We are grateful to all of the generous friends who donated stamps over the years for the various charities we've supported, we thank you!

"Sometime before 1929, Sister Sybille Osko began collecting cancelled stamps and requesting them from friends. She sorted and soaked the stamps, in order to sell them and sent the money to missions around the globe.

Sister Sue researched the origins of this ministry in the community archives. A newsletter article from 1931 recorded that "aspirants," young women who recently entered the monastery, would help sort the bags of stamps. Various Sisters carried out the service over time, including Sister Vivian Ivantic, OSB, who passed the ministry to Sister Sue in 2016."

Although, St. Scholastica Monastery is no longer accepting stamps, we encourage you to continue the ministry. If you are interested in these efforts, please contact: John Hotchner, VP, Stamps For The Wounded, Lions Club, P.O. Box 1125, Falls Church, VA 22041-0125.

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