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Featured Podcast: Sister Vivian Ivantic, OSB

Sister Vivian Ivantic, OSB, is the latest Benedictine Sister featured in the Podcast Series on the Federation of Saint Scholastica 100th Anniversary website. Listen to the podcast here.

"105-year-old Sister Vivian Ivantic, a Benedictine Sister of Chicago, shares memories from her long history as a Benedictine woman. She served in many capacities over the years and retired from her position of community archivist at 102. She talks about changes she's seen in the course of decades as well as the value of monastic life today. Siobhan O'Neill Meluso, Communications Coordinator for the Chicago community, is her interviewer."

The Federation of St. Scholastica will celebrate 100 years in 2022. As a means of sharing Benedictine life as a vision unfolding, the Federation is offering a multi-featured website to share our life and values. Click here. Be sure to sign up to receive alerts when new content is posted.

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