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Uncle Pete Ministries 2018 Year in Review

Uncle Pete Ministries sacks decorated by parishioners of St. Juliana Parish for Halloween 2018.

As Uncle Pete Ministries continues to grow this year by 15% from 2017, "We are so privileged to share a ministry with hundreds of people who want to help get food to people who need it. The ministry continues to grow through word of mouth and through the experience of being part of a sack packing event. Uncle Pete and Clem sure had a good idea and it continues," said Uncle Pete Ministries sack lunch coordinator, Carolyn Murphy.

According to Carolyn, "In 2018, there were 79 events, an increase of 11 over 2017, about a 15% increase. We will deliver 27,000 sacks as compared to 23,240 in 2017 about a 15% increase. Churches represent about 50% of the total. The other 50% include businesses, individuals, schools, and clubs." Below is a slideshow of the charts and graphs of the 2018 results.

"Because people view this as a ministry that gets all ages involved, is affordable, is very flexible in scheduling, and they are assured that the sacks get to people who need them, we continue to be quite positive about future growth. Our sack makers want to give of themselves and this ministry works for them," said Carolyn Murphy.

To learn more about Uncle Pete Ministries visit our website page dedicated to our very own Sister Judith Zonsius's Uncle and the work that continues today.

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