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DePaul University Service Day at St. Scholastica Monastery

Our St. Scholastic Monastery Grounds Coordinator, Sister Rita Nowak, OSB, partnered with DePaul University's Catholic Studies Department for a day of service for new students starting DePaul this year. Sister Rita has been partnering with this program since 1999 and like all the years before them, this year's group did a fantastic job and we are so grateful.

The students endured the heat and humidity, the day after Labor Day, mulching and weeding various areas of the Monastery grounds including the Labyrinth, the surrounding tree areas, and paths. This service day opportunity is a great way for the students to get to know Chicago through service as well as put their Vincentian mission and values into practice by giving back before starting the academic year.

View the slideshow of photos of DePaul University Service Day below as well as on Facebook.

Thank you DePaul University!

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