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24th Annual Testimonial Dinner

We are grateful to everyone who participated in the 24th Annual Testimonial Dinner and Awards on Wednesday, June 6, 2018, at the Park Ridge Country Club. It was a great success, thanks to everyone who prayed, donated, or attended. Next year's dinner will be on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. Enjoy photos from the 2018 evening in the slideshow above.

We are grateful for our 2018 sponsors!


C & C Power, Inc.


Stephen and Margaret Lombardo

Jenny and Nick Semaca

Tom and Katy Sharp


Nancy P. Bryers and Jean Slifer

Fr. Daniel P. Coughlin

Mary Ann Harrington

Sylvia Hourihane

Dorothea C. Jung

Judith Knorst, Ph.D.

Judith Matz

Alicia and Myron Resnick

Joanne and Patrick Rooney

Daniel Schermerhorn

Elaine Sharp


Patricia and Brian Abrams

Kathleen and Matthew Brennan

Edward and Josephine Colbach

John Lillig

Ruth G. Lochner

Mary and John Madden

Patricia Muehl

Rosemary Pavlo

Honey and Leo Sheridan

Mary Ward


Jeanne Anderson

Patricia Ballard

Marilyn Izzo Ballard

Norbert and Virginia Bergmann

Joanne Bookstein

Mary Jo and Bill Brewer

Carol and Paul Brimstin

John J. and Patricia Coffey

Peter J. Coffey and Molly Cavanaugh

Bonnie Delahanty

Jean Dolan

Erin and Matthew Doubleday

Fabry, Inc.

Noreen Ferrari and Barbara Logue

Sally Fieth

First Bank & Trust

Eileen and Gordon Fitch

Peter and Mary Fitzgerald

Monique Paul Garrity

Most Rev. Raymond E. Goedert

Fran Harwas

Mary Ellen and John Healey

Margaret and Daniel Henrick

Chris and Susan Hofstad

Michael J. Hogan

Loretta and Charles James

Mary Ann Jewell

Tim Johnson Landscaping, Inc.

Robert Jung

Dr. David Kaplan

Nancy & Paul Kelly

Editha Krueger, MD

Joan and Leo Marubio

Mary Matthei

Anne Matz

Judith Matz

Jane McHugh

Carole and John McMahon

Maureen McNamara

Katherine McSpadden

Mary Melone

Charlotte O'Donnell

Judith A. Ordonez

Edward and Maryjo Osowski

Rosemary Palicki

Mafalda Pennington

Jeff and Susan Reuscher

Kathleen and William Riordan

Madonna Rodgers McCutcheon

Dorothy Rosch

Mary Ryder-Marsden

Eileen and Alan Samuelson

Elizabeth Servatius

Rev. Michael Solazzo

Mary Sotir

Joanne Spata

Barbara Stinneford

Isabella Szymanski Stralka

Joan Thiry

Michele Thompson

Monica Thoms

Tim and Elizabeth Uligian

Martin Wojcik

Michael P. Wrenn

Laureen M. Youtsey

Marianne Zelewsky

Michelle Lee Zolfo

Richard and Liane Zulkey


Patricia Campion

Robert and Elizabeth Cornella

Mary and Joseph Czuba

Mary E. MacDonald

Wilma and Claude Brown

Dianne Goldman

Edward and Alice Skerjanec

Steven G. Schermerhorn

Ludelle R. Castro

Lourdes and Romeo Taan

Pamela J. Babler

Thomas and Joan Weber

Patricia Finnegan

Virginia Kenny Roesler

Edward V. and Ann M. Tearman

Frances and Bill Wagner

Mary Kay Saracini

Denise Torrey

Janet and John Andrus

James and Kristin Harrington

Robert and Nicole Schoen

Michael Marsden

Agnes Zielinski and Mary Richardson

Lynn Brand

Mary Kay Farrell Reis

Kurt and Anna Marie Perse

Joan Hummel

Joan L. Krebs

James and Judith Maloney

We are grateful for our 2018 auction donors!


Judith Alexander

Seth Alexander

James Altenbach

Dorothy Andries

Cynthia Bachmann

Patricia Ballard

Rev. Susan Bantz

Belmont Yacht Club

Barbara Boland

Joanne Bookstein

Judith Berger Byers

Uncommon Ground

Kevin Chears

Mary Close

Mary M. Cunningham

Maggiano's Little Italy

Donna M. Dehnert

Georgianne B. Ellis

Fireside Restaurant

Connie Counts Godfrey

Benedict and Rachel Hane

Patricia A. Heineman-Vernon

Penny Kerndt

Paula Kowalkowski

Paula Kowalkowski

Lady Gregory's Irish Pub

Stephen and Margaret Lombardo

Maureen Martin

Joan and Leo Marubio

Katherine McSpadden

Metropolis Coffee Co.

Kathlyn Myers

Rosie Newton

Lynfred Winery

Kathy O'Connell

Daniel J. Raven

Renate Reichs

Rosalie Riegle

Kathleen and William Riordan

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Mary Beth Schulien

Northlight Theatre

John G. Shedd Aquarium

Mickey Smith

Rev. Michael Solazzo

Joan Thiry

Chicago White Sox

We are grateful for our 2018 ad book supporters!

Class of 1963 Class of 1973 Catholic Theological Union St. Mary of the Woods Parish Carlotta Miller First Bank & Trust Larry and Judi Connolly Daniel J. Raven and Wencke Braathon Geralyn Barosso Mary Rose Cavanaugh St. Gertrude Church Craig Bieganowski Roberts Plumbing, Inc. Smith-Corcoran Funeral Home Bredemann Toyota in Park Ridge National Decorating Service, Inc. Fabry, Inc.


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