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National Catholic Sisters Week Wrap Up

Monasticism for the 21st Century, A National Catholic Sisters Week (NCSW) Event took place in the St. Scholastica Monastery, Thursday, March 8 to a very receptive crowd. First, we were welcomed by Prioress, Sister Judith Murphy, OSB, then we watched the premiere of the short-film "Monasticism for the 21st Century" by SurtzMedia and then Sisters and an Oblate spoke on a variety of topics that included: Community, Hospitality, Love of Learning, Ministry, and Prayer. Vocation Minister, Sister Belinda Monahan, OSB, organized the National Catholic Sisters Week event and emceed the evening.

NCSW is an annual celebration that takes place from March 8-14. Created to honor women religious, it is a series of events that instruct, enlighten and bring greater focus to the lives of these incredible women. It’s our chance to recognize all they have done for us. It’s also our hope that as more young women learn about women religious, more will choose to follow their example. Discover more:

Please view the short-film and listen to the audio of the Sisters and Oblate speak on the variety of Monastic Values presented on March 8.

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