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Remembering Milt Rosenberg and his WGN-AM 'Extension 720' interview with the Benedictine Sis

WGN-AM Radio host Milton J. Rosenberg (WGN photo)

Longtime WGN-AM radio host, Milton "Milt" J. Rosenberg, died of pneumonia and its complications Tuesday January 9, 2018 at the age of 92 as reported by the Chicago Tribune. Sisters Judith Murphy, Barbara McCarry, Pat Coughlin and Patti Cielinski remember him very well from being interviewed on his Extension 720 radio show back in December of 2006. In honor of the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago Celebrating 100 Years in Rogers Park, Sister Patti Cielinski arranged for Sisters Judy, Barbara and Pat to be interviewed on the almost 2 hour long program that our community is forever grateful to Milt Rosenberg and WGN-AM for the opportunity. Our prayers are with Milt Rosenberg and his family during this difficult time.

Left to right: Sister Judith Murphy, OSB, Milt Rosenberg, Sister Barbara McCarry, OSB, and Sister Pat Coughlin, OSB at WGN-AM studios in December of 2006.

Please listen to the first 20 minutes of the WGN-AM Extension 720 radio show by clicking the play button link below.

The 100 Years in Rogers Park celebrations in 2006 took place all year long and we are so grateful to all who participated in honoring the St. Scholastica Monastery and the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago!

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