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Fruitful Advent Afternoon of Reflection for Oblates

Oblates of St. Benedict are women or men, single or married, who seek a deeper relationship with God through association with a Benedictine community.

St. Scholastica Monastery, Chicago, has over 100 Oblate members, two groups of which meet in Chicago and one group that meets in Colorado. Many of our members also live in other states and share our community in spirit.

This past weekend, the Oblates gathered together for their annual Advent Afternoon of Reflection where they individually and as a group took time in this busy season to ponder the meaning of waiting, and the importance of taking time for quiet and prayer in anticipation of the coming of Jesus and its joyful celebration. There were moments throughout the afternoon for Oblates to share with partners as well as in group. There was time to listen to presentations by Oblates Seth Alexander and Maureen Martin before the quiet hour of individual reflection where each was listening to the Spirit in his/her own heart. The opportunity for fellowship as the group assembled, at the break for refreshments, and during the Closing Prayer Service enriched the experience. In their daily lives, Oblates extend Benedictine values into the world by applying the teachings of the Rule of Benedict within family circles, in places of work, and in civic and social communities. Such chances to come are means of strength, support , and on-going formation as followers of St. Benedict.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Sister Benita Coffey, Director of Oblates, at or 773.764.2413 x327.

Sister Benita Coffey, OSB, Director of Oblates addresses the group during the Advent Afternoon of Reflection.

Oblates Dottie, Mary, and Jan who is visiting from Arizona where she is an Oblate with her local Benedictine Community.

Oblates Penny and Dan enjoying the Oblate Advent Afternoon of Reflection.

Oblates Kathlyn, Dottie and Mary take a moment for a photo together during the Advent Afternoon of Reflection.

Oblate Seth sharing with the group during the Oblate Advent Afternoon of Reflection.

Oblate Maureen also addresses the group during the Oblate Advent Afternoon of Reflection.

Please join the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago during this Holy Season of Advent at home or at the St. Scholastica Monastery. More information on Advent can be found here.

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