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3 Easy Steps to Share your Values

Sister Benita (right) attended a meeting at the office of Representative Jan Schakowsky to talk about supporting immigration and other issues that are part of Catholic social justice teaching.

Your legislators are back in their hometowns this week on recess. It's a great time to contact them and ask them to represent your values in congress. Don't worry, it's easy! Here are three simple things you can do to share your values--this week or anytime.


Contact your senator or representative's office and ask for a meeting to discuss an issue about which you are concerned. It can be helpful to go with a group of people. Consider inviting people from your neighborhood or church community to go with you. You can find your elected officials' contact information here by entering your zip code.



Attend your meeting and share your concerns. If you're planning to talk about Catholic support for immigration, you can print this one-page information sheet for your legislator. Make sure to take a photo of your visit and share it on social media or with friends. It's a wonderful way to encourage other people to share their values, too.

To learn even more about how to complete a lobby visit, click here for NETWORK's tips.

Sister Benita (left) stands outside of Representative Jan Shakowsky's office after their visit.

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