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3 things you can do to help refugees & immigrants

We are a community that supports refugees and immigrants. We remember that Jesus was once an immigrant and that as Catholics we are called to support those fleeing violence, too.

Since the President issued three Executive Orders that put immigrants in harm's way, we have been asked by some friends of our monastery what people can do to support refugees and immigrants. Here are three things you can do:

1. Learn More

The first thing to do is to learn more about the situation. Catholic Relief Services gives a quick overview here. Many Catholic leaders have responded to the crisis and we recommend this letter from our fellow Catholic Sisters, this article by Fr. James Martin, and the statement from Cardinal Cupich here in Chicago.

2. Call Your Congressional Representatives

We elect leaders who are supposed to represent us. Call your Senators or Representative in Congress. Tell them you are a person of faith and ask them to speak out against the recent Executive Orders that ban Muslims, build a wall, and defund sanctuary cities. Invite your representatives to speak out in support of immigrants since they or their ancestors were once immigrants, too. Find your Senators' phone number here and your Representative's phone number here.

3. Get Involved

Consider connecting with an organization that supports refugees and immigrants. Our community is part of Sisters and Brothers of Immigrants, an organization representing many religious communities whose members are willing to advocate and do public witness. For you, our friends and alumnae, we recommend Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services that are helping people both here in the United States and abroad. To contact your local Catholic Charities office, click here. To take action with Catholic Relief Services, click here.

Of course, as people of faith we are always called to pray, too. Tonight, take a moment to thank God for your family and pray for another family who is in need. Ask God to change the hearts of leaders to ensure all people experience safety. In our daily prayer, we Sisters will join our prayers with yours!

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