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Join Us in Prayer for Orlando

The Benedictine Sisters of Chicago join countless others extending sympathy and offering prayers for our sisters and brothers in Orlando as they mourn the senseless killings in their city on June 12.

We decry the violence, bigotry and impaired reasoning that led to this tragedy. We deplore the climate of fearful hate that seems to be appearing in our nation, the availability of assault weapons, and the lack of adequate background checks of gun purchasers.

As we stand in solidarity with all who continue to work to restore peace and end violence in our country, we thank the citizens of Orlando for their immediate and powerful response. In their rising up immediately with love and support, they have exemplified that teaching so basic in all religious traditions and deeply rooted in all human hearts: "Love one another."

We stand with those committed to teaching and learning that lesson, over and over; a future without fear and violence depends on this.

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