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3 Ways to Refresh Your Spirit this Summer

This week our monastery community will have its annual retreat. It's a chance for us to briefly step away from our busy ministries and tend to the care of our soul. It's comforting to know that even Jesus needed time apart from his ministry in order to reconnect with God who sustained him.

Even though we have this brief retreat together, we know it is important to take small "retreats" throughout our days, too. Here are three things that some (or all) members of our community do to take mini-retreats. Try one this summer and let us know how it goes. We hope it refreshes your faith and reconnects you with the One who sustains us all.

1. Pray daily.

As Sisters, we pray multiple times throughout the day. Luckily, prayer isn't reserved for chapels. You can pray wherever you are: whether it's the same comfortable chair in your living room each morning or a bench on your lunch break. Find some time that is just yours when you can take a few deep breaths and talk with God about whatever is on your mind. Then, spend some quiet moments listening for God's response in your heart. If you'd like to pray with a community, we welcome you to join us.

2. Take a walk.

It's summer so you can take your prayer practice outside! Whether you walk a prayer labyrinth like the one at our monastery or stroll through your neighborhood or local park, walking can refresh your body and give you the time you need to tend to your spirit. Away from phones and computers, you have the time to check in with your heart and reconnect with God.

3. Find a spiritual companion.

The spiritual journey isn't always easy and it can be helpful to walk the path with others. Consider joining a faith community if you're not already part of one or find a spiritual director to help you deepen your faith. Our sisters offer spiritual direction and pastoral counseling. Not in the Chicago area? Check out this spiritual director locator for someone near you.

Whatever you feel called to do this summer, we wish you many blessings for a refreshing journey of the spirit!

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