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Discover Chicago's Labyrinths

With summer around the corner, you can take your prayer practice outside by using an outdoor labyrinth. These symbolic paths have been found in multiple cultures across many centuries. Their exact origin remains a mystery, but Christians have used labyrinths as paths for prayer or discernment for hundreds of years.

The labyrinth at St. Scholastica Monastery is modeled after the one found in the Chartres Cathedral in France. It was a way for Christians to take a pilgrimage of the heart without having to travel far distances.

Today, many Christians continue to use labyrinths as a regular prayer practice. If you have never prayed with the use of a labyrinth before, scroll down to see a brief "how to" guide. Then stop by the monastery any day during daylight hours to try this ancient prayer practice. You can also find a labyrinth in other areas of Chicago (see list below) or find one wherever you may be with the Labyrinth Locator.

Fourth Presbyterian Church, Indoor Labyrinth

126 E. Chestnut Street

Chicago, IL 60611

Garfield Park Conservatory's Sensory Garden, Outdoor Labyrinth

300 N. Central Park Avenue

Chicago, IL 60624

St. James Episcopal Cathedral, Outdoor Labyrinth

65 East Huron Street

Chicago, IL 60657

St. Scholastica Monastery, Outdoor Labyrinth

7430 N. Ridge Boulevard

Chicago, IL 60645

Quick Labyrinth How To Guide

Before you enter the labyrinth, you may wish to reflect on where you are in life; on any questions or concerns that you want to bring to God. As you walk the path of the labyrinth, let go of all that keeps you from being present. If thoughts come, gently release them. As you enter the center of the labyrinth, spend some time in prayer and let God speak to your heart. As you walk out of the labyrinth, carry with you what you received at the center.

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