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Meet our Newest Oblate

Please join us in congratulating Seth Alexander who made his Oblation, or promises, to become a Benedictine Oblate of our monastery. Seth, a Ph.D. candidate at Loyola University, studies Catholic medieval women's history and theology.

"I had been looking for a way to live a life of 'holiness' in community," said Seth, "and happened upon the Oblate program at St. Scholastica (very unexpectedly)! With the Oblates and Sisters I found a great, warm, welcoming community and a Rule to live by that was meaningful and applicable to my life."

Like all those who are discerning the Oblate path, Seth first enrolled as an Oblate candidate. After a year, he made his profession to become a full Oblate at a ceremony on March 20th in St. Scholastica Chapel.

In front of the community of Oblates and Sisters, he promised "to serve God and all people according to the Rule of St. Benedict."

Seth reflected, "I am so happy to have made this step of Oblation...and like Benedict says at the end of the Rule, this is only the beginning of a journey."

We are so happy to have Seth join us on the Benedictine journey!

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