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Oblate Matthew Ambre

Oblate Stories


Oblate Matthew Ambre


What drew you to become an Oblate?


I was searching, not necessarily for a certain religious community that was aligned to my way of thinking, but for a path that would help deepen my faith by establishing a settting wherein my prayer life could be nurtured and improved. I came to understand Benedict's emphasis on Christ and scripture as a "way of life" which is a constant stretching and reaching, but also quieting and opening of our hearts to God.


Has becoming an Oblate changed your life in any way? If so, how?


Our monthly small group gatherings have been so enriching. Sister Benita brings wisdom and clarity to our discussions that are appreciated by all. Our praying and sharing together has helped me learn what being in community is all about. We pray, laugh, talk, and listen to each other as part of a small community in Christ that undoubtedly brings Benedict's monastic teachings back to our homes, offices, and daily lives.


What would you say to someone who is thinking about becoming an Oblate?


I would encourage them to test the waters and try it out! I believe the fact that they might be interested in God's way of working through them,  is already an indication that he might be calling them to live life more fully through him.  

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