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Oblate Kevin Chears

Stages of Formation for Oblates


How do I become an Oblate?


The first step in becoming an Oblate is to contact the monastery. After an initial contact, the applicant will be given material about the Oblates, in general. If your interest continues, a visit is scheduled with the Oblate Director.  During this meeting, you can learn more information about our program and ask any questions.


Enrollment: If you feel that the Benedictine path will offer you direction on your spiritual journey, applicants will then be invited to attend the scheduled Oblate meetings and be enrolled as Oblate candidates. At their enrollment, Oblates receive a Benedictine medal and a copy of the Rule of Benedict to assist them on their journey.


Candidacy: A time of candidacy includes a monthly orientation session with the Oblate Director, the beginning of their study of the Rule of Benedict, and time to discover how it can apply to your daily life. Oblate candidates are encouraged to join the Oblates at their monthly meetings. Those unable to attend meetings will be provided with readings and alternate arrangements so that they may become acquainted with the community and the Oblate program.


Oblation: After a designated time, usually about a year, if the candidate desires and the Oblate team approves, the Oblate makes his or her Oblation, a commitment to be a faithful witness of Christ and to live according to the values of the Gospel. By the Act of Oblation, the Oblates promise to offer themselves to God, to continue to seek and to praise the Lord, and to serve God and all people according to the spirit of the Rule of St. Benedict.


To begin the process of becoming an Oblate, contact Sister Benita Coffey, Director of Oblates, at 773.764.2413 x327 or email her here.

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