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Inquiry Stage


It starts with questions.  Am I being called to religious life? Am I being called to this community? How do I know? Will I ever be certain?


If you are asking yourself questions like these, come and talk to us. You may be called to religious life, maybe even to this community. Or perhaps you are being called elsewhere. The discernment process is a way of discovering the place to which you are being called by the God who loves you uniquely.


The Inquiry stage of discernment is the time when you begin to look at these questions and to find people along the way to help you answer them. Join us for liturgy of the hours and dinner or Sunday Mass. Come and see what monastic life is like. Talk to women who have lived it for over 50 years and others who have just begun their journey. Ask questions. See the place where God is speaking to your heart.


>>Affiliation Stage



Benedictine Vocations


Let us open our eyes to the light that comes from God and our ears to the voice of heaven.

-Rule of Benedict Prologue


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