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Explore Your Call To Be an Oblate

What is an Oblate?


Oblates of St. Benedict are women or men, single or married, who seek a deeper relationship with God through association with a Benedictine community.


St. Scholastica Monastery, Chicago, has over 100 Oblate members, two groups of which meet in Chicago and one group that meets in Colorado. Many of our members also live in other states and share our community in spirit.


We join with the Benedictine Sisters to share in the apostolic work and prayer of the community in order to live and share the spirit of St. Benedict.  Integrating prayer and work, we manifest Christ's presence in society and we seek to become holy in our chosen way of life. In our daily lives, we extend Benedictine values into the world by applying the teachings of the Rule of Benedict within our family circles,  in our places of work, and in our civic and social communities.


Could God be calling me to become an Oblate?


Yes! God calls each of us to something special. Perhaps God is calling you to this particular way of life. If you are interested in learning more, contact Sister Benita Coffey, Director of Oblates, at or 773.764.2413 x327.



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